"Under Construction. The Genesis of Public Value Systems": the Team

The team consists of Prof. Dr. J.C. Kennedy of Amsterdam University (Faculty of Arts); Prof. Dr. J. van Eijnatten of Utrecht University (Faculty of Arts); Prof. Dr. M.R. Rutgers of Amsterdam University (Faculty of Social Sciences); Dr. F.P. Wagenaar, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Faculty of Social Sciences); Prof. Dr. L.W.J.C. Huberts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Faculty of Social Sciences); and three Ph.D-students. At the Faculty of Arts (VU) the research project 'Under Construction' will be subsumed under the research group ‘The Interplay of Religion, Politics and Culture: Channels of Mediation and the Public Square; at the Faculty of Social Sciences (VU) 'Under construction' will be part of the research group ‘Integrity of Governance’; at the Faculty of Social Sciences (UniversiteitLeiden) 'Under construction' will play a role in the research project ‘The normative analysis of public administration and the history and development of the study of public administration’. PHD-candidates are: Michel Hoenderboom, VU Public Administration, 1650-1750, Antoon Kerkhoff, Leiden Public Administration, 1750-1850 and Ronald Kroeze, VU History, 1850-1950.

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The project builds on the Vrije Universiteit’s Faculty of Arts recently-launched research emphasis (‘zwaartepunt’), entitled: The Interplay of Religion, Politics and Culture: The Public Square and Channels of Mediation in the Netherlands, which aims in part at examining the constructed moral contours of public fora and public debates. See especially the publications: Van Eijnatten forthcoming (on the moral outlook of public functionaries); Van Eijnatten 2003 (on the changing character of public forums); and Kennedy 2005 (in which attention is directed toward moral citizenship within democratic discourse).

The project also builds on Universiteit Leiden's Department of Public Administration's NWO pioneer project 'The Renaissance of Public Administration' (1998 - 2004), which dealt with the question of how the core concepts underlying the study of public administration have come about; particularly on the following articles written as part of it: Rutgers 2003; Rutgers and Schreurs 2003; Randeraad and Rutgers 2002; Rutgers 2001 (research into how differences in core values underlying public administration have come about and into the historical aspects of administrative culture); Wagenaar 2000; Wagenaar 2002 (two articles dealing with a 17th Century civil servants’ opinions on good and bad public governance).

Finally, the project also draws on the extensive research on corruption and integrity of governance conducted by prof. dr. L.W.J.C. Huberts since 1992, strategic chair on integrity of governance at the Vrije Universiteit's Department of Public Administration & Organization Science since 2005, especially on the following publications: Huberts1992; Van den Heuvel, Huberts and Verberk 1999; Van den Heuvel, Huberts and Verberk 2002; Van den Heuvel and Huberts 2003; Naeyé e.a. 2004; Huberts and Van den Heuvel 1999; Fijnaut and Huberts 2002; Huberts 1998; Huberts 2000; Huberts 2003; Huberts, Punch and Lamboo 2003; Van Duyne, Huberts and Van den Heuvel 2003 (research into integrity policy and corruption in the Netherlands and abroad, with a special emphasis on police corruption); Wagenaar 2003; Wagenaar and Van der Meij 2005 (articles pioneering the kind of research the project aims to conduct).

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